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  • Restaurants

    prajwal Restaurant is known for its exotic quality food and services.Good food,Good friends,Good times

  • Events

    Life should not only be lived,it should be celerated. Events connect people,leads innovation,builds communities and spark change

  • Banquets

    Our luxurious banquets emanates a sense of intimacy with an aura of grandness.The luxury hotel features winding walkways through lush greenery, beautifully-designed rooms and suites, the best culinary offerings and a vast indoor and outdoor banquet space.


Prajwal Centric Origin

Our visionary hoteliers have the courage to look beyond what exists and imagine what could be. We create authentic, one-of-a-kind experiences. Prajwal Group has championed innovation and creativity in the hospitality industry. Prajwal group has created a space for unique hotels and the bold personalities behind them, but also a place where world travelers, outside-the-box thinkers, opinion leaders and design aficionados can gather together. Prajwal group is made for the creative class, people like you who are looking for authentic and original experiences.

Discover Prajwal Centric

WELCOME!!! Here's to new adventures... The Prajwal Centric Experience: Unique Hotels for Unique Travelers At Prajwal Centric, you’ll find everything that you need as you prepare for a business meeting, take in the local sites, or take advantage of a last-minute long weekend! Visit our unique hotels and stay in our stylish boutique hotel rooms for an unforgettable trip. Our open-concept lounge is where your Prajwal Centric experience begins. Always unexpected, never dull — intriguing decorative elements contrast familiarity and a modern design language with eclectic touches that capture the local vibe. Join friends, colleagues, and new acquaintances at our unique hotels to share local tips and great travel stories.

Future Rooms

At Prajwal Centric, we’re bringing some of the coolest technology right into our lobby and rooms – making sure to wow even the most tech-savvy of guests.

Gracious Services

Every Prajwal Centric staff member is dedicated to providing you with an incomparable level of personalized service designed for the more discerning guest.

  • Prajwal Bliss

    Welcome to a place where rare and unexpected pleasures are woven seamlessly into each and every day and travelers are invited to unlock unique and enriching moments.

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  • Prajwal Grand

    Experience the traditional warmth and hospitality while you enjoy the fashionable nightlife lounges and savour fine delicacies at the renowned restaurants.

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  • Prajwal Centric

    The Prajwal Centric Experience: Unique Hotels for Unique Travelers.A masterpiece of modern luxury.
    Surround yourself with style and serenity, one of the newest and most luxurious hotels. Inspired by the cultural and artistic achievements with technology and sustainability.

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  • h5>Prajwal
    Residence Club

    A collection of generously appointed luxury residences in exclusive destinations, it’s an enticing alternative to a vacation or second home.

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Who We Are

We are brilliant minds delivering innovative ,value driven products and solutions to inspire life.

  • We build future.

    We create innovative technologies and solutions that define eras.

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