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Discover Prajwal Bliss Prajwal Bliss Origins Gracious Service Exquisite Cuisine
  • Restaurants

    Prajwal Restaurant is known for its exotic quality food and services.Good food,Good friends,Good times

  • Events

    Life should not only be lived,it should be celerated. Events connect people,leads innovation,builds communities and spark change

  • Banquets

    Our luxurious banquets emanates a sense of intimacy with an aura of grandness.The luxury hotel features winding walkways through lush greenery, beautifully-designed rooms and suites, the best culinary offerings and a vast indoor and outdoor banquet space.

Our Powerful Rich Heritage:Prajwal Group

Many company one Prajwal Our story was cast in India’s hotel industry in 1980, and today, we are now global federation of companies. Famous for our authentic ,original,healthy food from south Indian-Mangalore, some also know us for our innovative IT solutions, and others for our commitment to rural prosperity,education and social responsiblity.


"Shine" to inspire life. To challenge the status quo. To think out of box. To always drive positive change to inspire life.


The People who blaze our trails, strengthen our spirit, and embody our philosophy of Shine.

The Prajwal group's commitment to enhancing the knowledge and leadership quotient of its people has resulted in the establishment of creative and technological research and development programmes


Learn. Engage. Accelerate. Disrupt.
LEAD is a leadership programme that grooms young talent for leadership positions across the group. This is a talent pool that can be tapped by companies across the group, thereby creating a leadership pipeline for the group. Young talent are given unique opportunity to compete with the brightest and display their business acumen.


Career Opportunity Redefinition & Exploration (CORE) Leadership Program
CORE Program participants in leadership development curriculum, and learn how to identify their unique edge and make a career choice based on their personal passions. Specifically, the CORE Leadership Program helps Senior management: Define their personal brand, identify their strengths, and be able tell their own story Learn innovative networking strategies and communication techniques, which include best practices in using social media, through personalized and repetitive employment simulations Interact and network, from the start of the program, with our leaders as well as professionals from the public and private sectors Gain access to other alumni of the CORE Leadership Program

Women’s Leadership Programs

Women’s Leadership Programs
Our businesses host a number of intensive programs to help prepare high-talent professionals for the next phase of their careers. The programs include external coaching, sponsorship, 360 feedback and focus on areas of leadership, business development, executive presence, negotiation, individual strengths, and career management.


Leadership Development Program
LDP is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary professional development program designed primarily for high-performing managers and senior managers to help prepare them for the next stage in their careers.LDP uses skill-building sessions, self-assessments, 360-degree feedback, and one-on-one coaching with an external professional coach to help equip promising leaders for greater responsibility. Through the intensive learning curriculum, participants explore a variety of topics, including effective development strategies, risk-taking, building professional networks, and dealing effectively with unconscious bias in corporate. In addition, each participant is assigned a partner, principal, or managing director mentor who commits to at least two years to help their protégées drive their own careers.


Leadership opportunities: amplify your future Programs and conferences for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors We offer students a variety of opportunities to get to know us. From internships and competitions to community service programs and conferences, we look for students who will become tomorrow’s business leaders. Explore opportunities below to amplify your future.

Discovery Internship

Discovery Internship The Discovery internship is designed to expose sophomore level interns to service businesses.You'll gain real-world experience working.

  • We build future.

    We create innovative technologies and solutions that define eras.

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