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Discover Prajwal Bliss Prajwal Bliss Origins Gracious Service Exquisite Cuisine
  • Restaurants

    Prajwal Restaurant is known for its exotic quality food and services.Good food,Good friends,Good times

  • Events

    Life should not only be lived,it should be celerated. Events connect people,leads innovation,builds communities and spark change

  • Banquets

    Our luxurious banquets emanates a sense of intimacy with an aura of grandness.The luxury hotel features winding walkways through lush greenery, beautifully-designed rooms and suites, the best culinary offerings and a vast indoor and outdoor banquet space.

Our Powerful Rich Heritage:Prajwal Group

Many company one Prajwal Our story was cast in India’s hotel industry in 1980, and today, we are now global federation of companies. Famous for our authentic ,original,healthy food from south Indian-Mangalore, some also know us for our innovative IT solutions, and others for our commitment to rural prosperity,education and social responsiblity.


"Shine" to inspire life. To challenge the status quo. To think out of box. To always drive positive change to inspire life.

CSR-Tara Foundation

Recognizing that business enterprises are economic organs of society and draw on societal resources,it is our belief that a company's performance must by measured by its Triple bottom Line contribution to building economic,social and environmental capital towards enhancing societal sustainability.We believe that in the strategic context of business,enterprises possess,beyond mere financial resources,the transformational capacity to create game changing development models by unleashing their power of entrepreneurial vitality,innovation and creativity.In line with the belief,we will continue crafting unique models to generate livelihoods and environmental capital.Such Corporate Social Reponsibility("CSR")projects are far more replicable ,scalable and sustainable,with a significant multiplier impact on sustainable livelihood creation and environmental replenishment.These initiatives are independent of the normal conduct of business.