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Discover Prajwal Bliss Prajwal Bliss Origins Gracious Service Exquisite Cuisine
  • Restaurants

    prajwal Restaurant is known for its exotic quality food and services.Good food,Good friends,Good times

  • Events

    Life should not only be lived,it should be celerated. Events connect people,leads innovation,builds communities and spark change

  • Banquets

    Our luxurious banquets emanates a sense of intimacy with an aura of grandness.The luxury hotel features winding walkways through lush greenery, beautifully-designed rooms and suites, the best culinary offerings and a vast indoor and outdoor banquet space.

Our Powerful Innovation and Research Centric:Prajwal Group

Prajwal Group combines style and innovation to create a completely new experience.An Experience that offers an array of services and features designed to meet the evolving needs of today's travellers.


"Shine" to inspire life. To challenge the status quo. To think out of box. To always drive positive change to inspire life.

Research and Innovation

Innovation has always been integral to our DNA, the foundation for the unique and differentiated value propositions that it has crafted over the years. R&D Centre in Pune has played a crucial role in building this capability, creating products and solutions that sustain the Company's competitive advantage. Research and Innovation is its integral part in keeping the Company future-ready and driving its game-changing businesses of the future. We believe in going beyond supporting and improving existing products and services and create innovations to grow the community. Our ambitious agenda of sharpening its competitive edge in an enormously challenging marketplace demands better products that can positively impact consumers' lives, demands solutions that effectively deliver care and wellness to consumers, demands products and services that are world-class and a byword for excellence. We continuously invest to develop path-breaking solutions that blend science, research and technology to enhance not just product experience but overall quality of life. The challenging task of driving science-led product innovation has been carefully addressed by appropriately identifying the required set of core competency areas of science.

  • We build future.

    We create innovative technologies and solutions that define eras.

What We Do